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You're getting married!


Lights, Camera, Action all eyes will be on you! You have chosen your dream dress and fine tuned every small detail. Everything should be picture perfect, especially your makeup. 

Every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day, while maintaining her own natural look. Let me help remove all fears and make your special day uniquely you.

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I'm Courtney...

and I'm addicted to beauty and love!


A wife, busy mom of 4, and a Professional Makeup Artist with over 10 years of experience in beauty. I invested in learning from the absolute best Beauty Pros in the industry.  Growing up as a southern girl with a kind and loving heart for perfecting ones beauty through the artistry of skincare and makeup.


 As a result of my expertise, I specialized my tips and techniques to fit each person's needs. My addiction for the beauty industry is more than a brand, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!  You won't leave without having a better understanding for skincare and makeup. As I often say "God created us all with a natural gift of beauty and it starts from within!" 

- Courtney

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