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Who is Courtney K?


Courtney Kiani has over a decade of experience creating unforgettable makeup looks for fashion shows, editorial shoots, weddings, and several other events. A wife, mother of 4, and lover of Christ, Courtney believes in adding a simple touch of elegance to a woman’s natural beauty.

Her Story 

Courtney’s makeup journey began when she was introduced to Artistry cosmetics and skincare. With no previous experience in the beauty industry, she became certified in S.A.M. (Skin Analyzer Magnifier) and recognized the importance of having a good skin care routine. She noticed many friends and family applied the tips that she shared and she took it a step further with makeup. In 2010 she was given the opportunity to service her first bridal

party - and SLAYED 10 faces! This was the birth of her makeup business.  


For Courtney, it’s not just about looking good on the outside, she believes in perfecting the inner beauty of every woman that she has the opportunity to service. After becoming a wife and a mother of 4, things changed for her business. FAST! Life happened!! Stuff got real and she experienced Postpartum Depression and thought she was going to lose everything that she worked so hard for!

(her family, business, and most importantly HERSELF!)


After several months of therapy, mentorship, and figuring out who she was, she received a spiritual awakening. One night, she was awakened out of her sleep and God gave her a clear vision word for her life. She knew after that moment she couldn’t give up! That is when the rebirth of her business, Courtney K Beauty occurred! So when you sit in her chair you’re not just getting a makeup artist you’re getting a full package!! We Embrace, Empower and Educate women on the importance of seeing your beauty from the inside out!

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